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Aporte original por: quickifixdotcom ,


a huge setback on this issue for me.  I did a white conversion on a brand new iPhone 4 (with 4.2.1 software and even the new 5 point (star)m security screws on the bottom.  The prox did not work on 4 different white front assys.  I then put one of the white parts that did not work on my personal white iphone and the part did work. so, the part was good after all.  Then I swapped out the logic board out.  I took mine out and put in the new iphone 4'S logic board, and the prox stopped working.  So in the end its either something with the new logic board or the 4.2.1 software.  Apple did say they were going to fix the prox issue with software updates.  I restored the iPhone 4 back to black and the proximuty work fine.  I noticed that when its dark you can actually see the "infared light" come on in the sensor area when making calls.  I did not see this infared on my personal phone.  Maybe Apple dialed up the intensity on this infared light and that is what causes the prox not to work on the white assy.