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Aporte original por: Guus Mangnus ,


black screen. HELP! please


My Nintendo 3ds felt 1 time on the ground and i loved that thing. So in panic i was looking for scraches. but i saw nothing so i taught there were no mor problems but when I tried to start up a program (no mather with wan ) it froze and the only thing i could do was turn it off by hold the buttn for 10 seconds. and a day later I tried to turn it on again but this ime my screen was black. it gave light. The only thing that was on where my wifi light the blue light and the 3D light at the top screen i olny could turn it of. I can also charge the system. I don't know whats wrong. I hope somebody reads it and can help me. :)

ohh and sorry for my bad Englisch.:D


Nintendo 3DS