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Aporte original por: David ,


On startup chime repeats and blank screen


A service person looked at the computer and found it full of lint. His diagnosis is a burned logic board. I was given the computer and ordered from -- a 1.8 GHz logic board, an I/O board, and a new battery--hoping to give myself a virtually new computer at half price. After cleaning the machine and replacing all three parts above I turned it on and the chime repeated itself and a blank screen presented itself the same as the original complaint.

Now what? 1) "New" logic board from iFixit was used and tested, of course. Is it possible to have a repeat problem? 2) Could it be the memory board is the problem? (The only thing not replaced.) 3) I have researched the repeating chime problem from several sites and tried every suggestion all to no avail. It seems there is obviously a hardware problem, but hard for me to accept the "new" logic board that was tested is the problem. Help!


MacBook Air 13" Mid 2011