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Aporte original por: lewissanjay ,


i have a macbook pro retina purchase over a year ago, i have not mishandled in any way, i experienced this flickering problem today, i just can not understand that i purchased this laptop for almost 50k in  and it only lasts a year, i have had many iPhones and iPads, i renew every year, this is very disappointing after reading reviews and comments on the flickering sounds like its apples fault with the hardware issue, i hope apple is reading this, i will never buy another apple product, if this was given to me free i would give it back, i have used dell for most of the years and have never had any problems with any of the dell machines, this is my advise for anyone buying a MacBook pro, its like buying a car with three wheels, I'm almost left to believe that apple is competing with china since everything is made there