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Aporte original por: Cameron ,


2 Possibilities are

1. You broke the tiny board in the port. Check the port, if you don't see a tiny little probably black think inside of it then you broke it.

2. You broke the connector of the board. Open the device and look where the port is. Does it look like it's lifting off the board? Is one or more of the legs not attached?

If the first one is the case you need to either get a new speaker, replace the port or take it to someone who can replace the port

If the second one is the case, replace the port or take it to someone who can.

Replacing these ports requires a soldering iron with a small tip, steady hand and a good understanding of how to solder.

If you know how to solder another option is to directly attach a cable in which can't be removed. I don't recommend it however because I tried this and it didn't work for me.

I hope all these words help! Good luck on fixing it!