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Aporte original por: Haytham Alexander ,


Replacement battery from iFixit



I have this weird issue. I needed to replace 1) battery and 2) lighting dock connector on my iPhone 5.

When I took my phone  apart 1st time i didn't realize I needed this f%#king tiny 5/32 flathead so I only replaced the battery and let it sit for about 2 days, I did NOT charge it or anything.

It started at 73% and looked like it was draining OK gradually to about 62% - I can't remember.

In about 2 days I got a flathead, opened my phone 2nd time, replaced lighting dock assembly. And after I turned it on my battery % started to read inaccurately.

I wanted to drain it down below 10%, so I started at about 42% or something and kept playing on the phone until the battery reached 9%. However, it got STUCK on 9%, I waited till the phone actually died (still showing 9% before), then I put it on charge and turned it on - it showed 1% (seems OK). I charged it for 9 hours straight. After 9 hours it would STILL SHOW 1% - so I hard reset my phone and it showed 100% - seems OK.

It was laying down for 6 days, still showing 100%. Now,

I turn it off / on = shows 31%

I hard reset = shows 62% immediately

I put it on charge, wait 1 hour, hard reset = shows 100% and stuck at 100%

I ordered this replacement battery from iFixit. Did I happen to get a bad battery or this is a logic board issue?


iPhone 5