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Aporte original por: Jimmy ,


By not charging after 1 minute do you mean that it doesn't charge as in the battery percentage doesn't go up? Or do you mean that it's not detecting that a charger is even in the USB port? Also, if you could, try plugging it in and wiggling the USB connector around inside the port a little bit, if it connects and disconnects every time you move it around then your port is probably damaged from being used so many time, it's just from usage. Take a look inside if you can and see if it's messed up. If that's the case then you'll need to take it to a repair place to have it fixed unless you know how to solder because on this model the USB port is soldered onto the main board. If it isn't damaged and wiggling it around doesn't do anything then I would try a factory reset and if that doesn't work I would try flashing it, if that fails then I would send it in for a repair because a chip might need to be re-soldered.