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Well sorta...  Not what I originally stated.

Found a new refurb headset was $35 on eBay, and there are now.available micro USB adapters.   The adapters come as a.set with a proprietary cable/connector that attaches MAGNETICALLY to the little uUSB plug, which is intended to be left in the phone, headset, or whatever device you are charging.     Essentially a retrofit so now my headset is  alot like some new phones, where if the cable gets a tug it just snaps away and my device sees no damage.   Seemed like a better long-term idea than my previous notion.    (but no help for your already damaged uUSB connector).

These magnetic adapters & cables are about $3 on eBay direct from China, prolly get cheaper over time.    I have an adapter in all 3 of my micro USB devices now for about a week... Kinda early yet to know if it's a real fix... But seems ok so far.

One caveat I've found buying these magnetic adapters is there is there doesn't appear to be an industry standard on the magnetic connector part, meaning the plugs may only mate to the cable-end from that vendor.