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Aporte original por: Messie ,


Get yourself very thin tweezers.  I have a pair that is flat metal bent in half to form tweezers, not the scissor type.  Put a little electrical tape on the ends so you don't scratch your disc while pulling the disc out.  Gently put the tweezers between the padding the disc slides in and out trough, push eject and a little panel behind the padding should slide out of the way, quickly get the tweezers past the panel so it doesn't shut on you.  Grab the disc and pull on it, it may take a minute or a few tries.  Our disc came out about a quarter of an inch the first try and then eject the rest of the way on its own.  The disc had a sticky substance around the hole in the middle as if there was a sticker from the manufacture/previous owner (ours was used), maybe your disc has the same thing.  Clean that off and you should be good to go.  All our discs are ejecting perfectly so I am 99.99% positive it was the sticky substance.