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Aporte original por: James ,


In the past i'd done a similar trick to get better wi-fi in another mac. I recall buying the wifi/bluetooth module for a G5 or MacPro and installing that in a MacBook to get the 802.11 N setup that wasn't a part of that current generation. What i'd do is take a look at the configuration of the card you have currently in the computer. It could be useful to take out the unit you have and take a good picture then re-install and compare your photo to that of the one you're looking at. The software is all included as a part of the macOS so drivers aren't an issue for most cases.

Count the number of pins you can see and compare the notches for the screw and the slot. If they match up its pretty reasonable that it would work.

A very major word of caution. If there is a voltage issue on the card, either requiring too much or needing much less power there is a risk of causing damage to the card, slot, or main logic board of your system.

The final note is that in the cases of people doing things like this you may notice additional antennas on the replacement that you won't have in your system. It could affect performance of certain bands of wi-fi/bluetooth so be aware that you might the upgraded functionality, but you may also have poor performance unless you can figure out an antenna solution (or it will work fine, you won't know till you try).

Good Luck!