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Aporte original por: Melowi ,


"Ok now - The solution I did while it's PLUG in:

1) Press and Hold Power button for 15 sec (no worries even if you will not see any lights on)-this is the Reset.

2) Press and Hold Mute button for about 15 sec (you will see couple lights will turn on as an indicator your Bose is not busted)

3) Now Press the power (just 1 sec) and bingo!..power lights indicator comes on either a yellow or red (it needs charging). Mine had a blinking yellow."

Mine keeps blinking red and I charged it for four hours and it still won't turn on after... it won't turn on even when it's plugged in.  But I've done step 2 and some lights turn on and the batt is yellow, then when I try to turn it on it still won't.

Is it a problem with the battery or the entire thing needs to be changed? Is it advisable to remove the battery and plug it in to see if it still works without it? Ive had mine for 2 years and I don't use it all the time so maybe it's why it went into "protective mode" or something

Need insights on what to do. Thank you!