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Maybe this has some stuff you can use...

Now you will have to remember this is a simple mechanical thing, meaning that the "Pins" {I place in quotes because these are not actual PINS, they are a much more advanced system that simply applies mechanical pressure onto the gold contact, rather than the traditional socket/pin used in so many other models, both before & after.} will line up properly & make good contact unless they are disturbed or tarnished.

This being said, the next issue you should encounter {at least with the CPU}, will be the power.  Since greater processing power, requires a greater amount of power to ensure a properly functioning state.  Most CPUs will simply fail to operate.  Here's a "Short List" that includes voltages & L2 caching limitations.

Since this is NOT the only issue you will encounter, I'll let you digest the list first.  However, you WILL also need to understand that the original power supply in that [4.1] "Maybe" modified.  Although you are NOT going to be able to change the specific connector that it uses without some serious work.  The BIGGEST issue that you will encounter is the Heat generated by all those additional transistors (although, these transistors actually exist in later models, they are disabled or "Defrocked" segments of the CPUs internal structure).

Now the OEM 3300 series Capacitors will NOT take this additional load for an extended period of time.  So don't get too excited if you find yourself exceeding the proper spec's & thinking you've got it made.  Those cap's WILL overhead/overload & burst.  There are options out these (if you'd like to go into that, I may have a suggestion of two) which may be attempted, if you have the proper tools & skills.

The last thing is to consider the ComboDrive, it will have to be upgraded to a Dual Layer drive to accept the proper upgrade disk.  Again, there ARE other ways around this, but, this will stop you dead in your tracks.

~Hope this helps~

However, if I have misunderstood your question, well, nevermind :)