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Congratulations on getting the keyboard working by replacing the flex cable. I'm going thru a rough period where I've had 3 different Macbooks with keyboard/trackpad problems. I replaced 2 entire top cases (2007 Macbooks) and the problem went away, but now it's come back on one of the Macbooks.

Power button works, but keyboard and trackpad don't work once computer has booted.

With the 3rd Macbook, from 2008, it's a slightly different problem: the power button works and the Macbook boots fine, but the keyboard and trackpad don't work; external USB and Bluetooth keyboards and mice work. I thought it was a bad keyboard, but the keyboard from this Macbook works on another Macbook; and a working keyboard doesn't work on this Macbook.

So it looks like the Macbook has some problems re. the connection to the logic board. Do you think?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

I've taken lots of Mac portables apart over the years, but these Macbooks seem to have very fragile keyboard connectors, whether it's the flex cable or the connector on the logic board.

How hard is it to replace the keyboard flex cable?

Where can you get instructions and/or video? Doesn't seem like they have it here - just the entire top case replacement.

I have a 2007 Macbook keyboard that I use when I have to replace keys. It suffered water damage, but all the keys have worked, so I don't know how badly it was damaged. If I could, I'd like to try the flex cable from this keyboard to try to repair the other one. If not, I'd try to find one or two on eBay.