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if you want to know the real issue with the car before trying to attempt such a big job as this, i recomend you take it to a real shop and have them do a leakdown test.. that might run you $80 but will tell you exactly where the mechanical damage exists.

a properly service engine block that will receive rings, needs to be taken to a machine shop to determine the amount of "warpage" the cylinder's bore has, along with the sleeves alignment. also if there is any kind of physical damage to the cylinder walls, you might need to over bore it requiring new pistons, etc etc

i have rebuilt about 17 Honda Engines from D, B, H series....believe me, doing it right the first time is cruicial... but not as much as rule #1... being SUPER CLEAN during assembly

if i were to guess why you want to do this job is because you go through about 1 qt of oil a week or two? or the engine smokes a lot?

if the engine smokes during deceleration, then the valve seals are also bad since it will leak under high vacumm.