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Aporte original por: Brett ,


Extracting data from a dead phone


Hi all, a couple weeks ago my fiance washed my pants with my phone in the pocket.  We realized the error an hour before I had to leave on a business trip.  So I put the phone in a zip lock bag with a gun safe dehumidifier for a few days.  Unfortunately, it seems the phone is done.  Doesn't do anything when I plug it in, doesn't respond when I hold the power button.  Since I get no reaction at all from the phone I was hoping the problem was a dead battery, so I bought a new battery and replaced it.  Unfortunately still nothing.  I don't see any corrosion on contact points but I did try brushing them off with alcohol anyways.  Still no luck.  So at this point I figure some vital part must be completely shot.

Evidently I'm pretty stupid because I did not have the Verizon cloud taking backups.  Also, I didn't have the sync turned on for my gmail account.  So my question is, does anyone have any ideas how I could get my data (contacts etc) off the dead phone?  I was thinking of trying to get a used one off ebay and swapping out some parts or something.  I assume the data is all saved somewhere on the motherboard?


Motorola Droid Turbo