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Aporte original por: Jan Braam ,


Hi Allen,

I've had the same problem with my T100TAF.

You need two devises to get sound, one Intel one one Realtek.

If the drivers of these devices do not match, you have a problem.

I fixed doing the following:

( I'm using a Dutch version of Windows, so my English menu texts might differ)

First of all don't let windows search for drivers on line.

Go to --This PC--properties --advanced system settings--hardware--settings for device installation.

Select --No let me decide--Never load drivers from Windows  Update, deselect --automatic...supplier.

And confirm.

Download from Asus the chipset driver and the audio driver for your tablet and unpack them.

Go to the Device Manager and uninstall anything you find under ---audio video and games--

and also under --audio inputs outputs--

Go to --Action--Look for changed devices--

At this point, the Device Manager shows one Unknown devi

Right click  the device and go to --properties--details--.

It will read --ACPI\10EC5642... witch means this is the Realtek device.

Update the driver and navigate to the downloaded Asus audio driver, open the Win8.1 directory chose X86 for 32 bits. Install the driver.

Now, the unknown device has changed it's identity, if you right click anew, the-- path to device instance-- now  reads ACPI\80860F28... witch means it is the Intel device.

Install the driver from the chipset directory--Drivers--Audio

You should be able to enjoy your audio by now.