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Aporte original por: Chris Cooksey ,


I just went through the process of replacing this keyboard. 60% of the rivets stayed in place. After putting a minor scratch on the screen trying to "knock" one out, I came to my senses and just put dabs of gorilla glue in the places the rivet still sat, and screws everywhere else. It worked like a charm and I would recommend it to anyone going down this path.

There were exactly 100 rivets on my keyboard.

The keyboard ribbon is a complete nightmare to get back in. I thought I had it back in several times. But I did not and of course the machine would not start up from the power button. It doesn't help that there is only a tiny piece to work with. I eventually wedged a 2 mm thick piece of plastic between the battery section and the ribbon, and that gave me enough leverage to push down with the flat of my thumb and force the cable all the way in. It went way further in than I thought was required and after that it worked.

Do take the time to clean up every last bit of rivet that pops out. You don't want any of that in the machine when you are done. I taped two pieces of copier paper over the screen to catch pieces as well.