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Aporte original por: Francesco Bubbo ,


It's clearly a design hiccup.  Apple tried to make the handset thinner so the camera it's too exposed, along with the rumours about the camera lens cover not any longer made of sapphire. Apple has officially said that this  wasn't true (?).  Anyway many people have reported the same issue with the rear camera lens cracking so easily, most of us have also already owned an iPhone. With my iPhone 5c I lost the count of how many times I dropped it  and I only had a screen protector and a cover (both purchased on Amazon). After the accident, I now have an Apple silicon case (nice and expensive though)  and the screen protector directly applied at the store with a specific machine (excellent result).  It's been a week since the repair and I haven't dropped it at all. To be on the safe side I have also purchased a separate protection  for the rear camera as the camera was still over exposed. I had to change it once already, the second one is now cracked too and I am waiting for a more expensive one to be delivered. One of the main reason that turned me into an iPhone person was that I have seen so many people keeping their handset for years, so I ask the same question: Apple WTF is this? Just admit it.