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Aporte original por: William Montgomery ,


I am not sure why this happens. I am in the tech department for an entire school district (yes I am a student, so I experience this everyday). I absolutely cannot stand it and I just want to throw them to the next county - also because, well, they´re chromebooks. We have about  5,000ish of these. And I would say atleast 3,000 of them are doing this. We also have ASUS Chromebits, ASUS/HP/Acer/Dell Chromeboxes, and many, many other Chromebooks.  Probably around 7,500 ChromeOS devices total. I absolutely hate them, and I believe that the district will end up regreting ¨Going Google.¨ Granted they are cheap, fast, and cloud managed, no current ChromeOS device is anywhere close to being up-to-par with modern standards in technology. And the idea of going all cloud managed is great, because Windows is not as fast as it could be. I just think it would have been better to stick with the 12,500+ Windows 7 computers that we had. Huge headache.

BY THE WAY - IF THERE ARE ANY ADMINISTRATORS OR USERS THAT ARE CONSIDERING GOING WITH ChromeOS, DON´T.  WHETHER YOU ARE ON Windows, macOS, OS X, Linux, or Unix, JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE AT! I will say though, that Google is not a bad company. They have great products. In fact, we (as students) have Google Apps Unlimited for Education and the teachers have Google Apps Unlimited for Work. The entirely new revamped G-Suite is great and has a lot of potential. Just don´t buy any ChromeOS devices. If any, just try ChromeOS out in a VM. You´ll find out why this answer couldn´t be any shorter. Hope this helps and leads others.