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Aporte original por: Saptarsi Ghosh ,


I am sure that  people posting in the thread above have already got their problem fixed one way or another, but just in case, I hope my solution helps anyone in future to try this before trying anything  that causes money.

My charging problem started six months back, when my phone would only charge if I jammed the cable a little hard and very slowly keep it in that position. I bought a new cable and it seemed that the problems were solved. However this cable also started behaving like that after some time. Finally, since this morning it did not charge a single percent even if the icon was on.  As I watched with horror the percentage going down with my mind not working also, I started looking for answers and bumped to this thread. I noticed few people   have said that sometimes they managed to get the thing done by tinkering with the port and/or the battery.

I thought I would take a close look at the port myself without opening the mobile.

Just took a flashlight and a toothpick, and carefully scrubbed away the dirt, lint and shoot that was there. I could hardly believe the amount that was there (obviously living in the the world's most polluted city 'Delhi' does not help.) After eternal ten minutes I plug my jack in and simply connected so snugly. Instantaneously, the charging starts. To me, my procedure did either one of the following things or both

1. If there is continuous shoot buildup inside the female charging port of the phone, it does not allow the cable to fit properly and there may be an interlock in the battery management software of Apple that prevents the charging because of the loose connection.

2. For charging both the respective metal pins of the charging ports of the phone and the cable should make a proper connection. Now when there  is dirt between them, it may create a short between the pins that are not supposed to be electrically connected. Again, there may be a software management that acts just like a safety fuse. So scrubbing the minuscule dirt from the pins and then blowing removes any chances of this short.

Hope it helps. If not you can always go for the battery, the ICs and the other things. It's not for no reason that microelectronics fabrication is done in "clean-rooms" that cause billions of dollars to build and maintain.

P.S. The first cable is now working perfectly as well.