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Aporte original por: Karl Kichline ,


I have a pair of QC-2. Considering the problems I had with those,those headphones one  flaky wire . My issues went a lot deeper. Oh the wire issue reared its ugly head but my big issue was the material they used for the ear cup swivels and mounts. It is so brittle just putting them on your head, you should be well medicated prior to trying this. During a listening session my right ear cup just dropped and hung by the wire by my chin. I repaired this issue only to have it happen to the left. after a few repeats of this issue, I went surfing on this issue. WOW i found a blog containing  Very Angry Customers, having the same issue. Also Bose gave the same solution,your headset + $100.00 and the would send you another of the same model.

This also meant that the new set had the same genetic flaw. I hope your seeing a pattern here. Well i was not spending any more money for something  that was to be superior to other brands, which is why you. purchased them in the first place. So using the God given Grey Matter that sets on my shoulders. I salvaged all that i could and redesigned all of the head gear minus the swivels which was part of the problem. And while I had the patient open I rewired the cup to cup section. I also rewired the cord with something a little more able than the spaghetti they used. Now the only reason I put so much time in this is that I love the sound of these gems. The most important item here is the ear cups and they still worked perfect. Call it a labor of Love.