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Aporte original por: Jack McKinnon ,


Hey everyone. I just had the same problem. The Xbox 360 Slim froze about once every 15 minutes for about 30 seconds. I was playing on system link, and there seemed to be no issues. I woke up the next morning and turned on the console. It lit green for a second and then went constant red. Every time I restarted it it went red after half a second. I fully dismantled the machine and took off the heat sink, and heated the processor up to about 100 degrees (With a hairdryer). I tested it and the light was then green (It overheated quickly because the fan and heat sink were off.) I have fully reassembled the machine and it works great - no red lights. It may have started working because I readjusted all the connections inside the box e.g. Optical drive, hard drive ect. I didn't find anything super helpful on the internet, so I hope this helps.