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RQ : guide for replacing front glass?


HI there.

I am thinking about to accpet this replacement, but cannot find a guide with pictures and others...

I have never replaced front glass but maybe this would be the first time.

I have here hot gun air and use it offen.

I have UV lamp like that:

48W 220V UV Ultraviolet Light Bake LOCA Glue Curing Lamp For LCD Front Glass

and Loca like that:

" Useful UV Glue LOCA Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive replacement tools 5ml M35 "

Do i need anything else to do the job?

In some steps...i heat the glass until it will come out easily, remove the adhesive,put LOCA and new glass and use the UV lamp?

How many minutes do i have to use ''my'' lamp to have effect ?

thanks in advance!


Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus