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Aporte original por: Joel ,


I do not know if by "logging off" you are saying that you are turning off the system or just logging out of your account. If it is going to sleep and not waking up when pressing the power button then that is a differnet matter that has to do with programs that should have been ended before entering that state, but if not then it sounds like a recessed or faulty power switch. If it is recessed you might be pressing it harder in order to complete the switch underneath and feel that satisfying click. If the switch is faulty then you might just be getting lucky when pressing it, but either way, there is an easy solution to determining what might be the one. First start by taking the switch cover off of the laptop You can see a picture of that part [|Here], and do not forget about the connecting ribbon cable. You will have to unscrew the power circuit board from the cover and observe the [|board]. With easy effort press the switch on the right and see if it turns on the laptop. If it does not then the switch could be faulty.