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Aporte original por: Muhamad ,


Hey Peejaymones! So sorry to hear about your problem. As El Donkey said, removing the battery connection also could fix it. But if it doesnt, i would suggest a factory data reset. Unfortunately, it will delete everything in your tablet, making like you never had it and you just got it. So pictures, applications, and any kind of non factory files. I have attached a video that will walk you through a button combination for the hard reset. This is probably the fastest and safest way to get your tablet up and working again. If you are not a expertise in electronic repair, then i would not suggest opening it. You could potentially make it worse. But if you have a good idea on how these things work, then try unconnecting the battery first. Then do the hard reset if that doesnt work. I hope this was helpful. If neither of these things work, then please let us know. And any other questions you might have, Please ask!