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Aporte original por: Eddie Dehoyos ,


Have you cleaned out the laptops fans?  Dust can accumulate inside the laptop, causing overheating. Open up the laptop and clean it out with a cloth and can of compressed air. After that, remove the heatsinks (The thing with copper tubing). Then clean off the CPU and GPU with Isopropyl  alcohol. After that, apply some new thermal compound (Arctic silver 5 is highly recommended).  Forgot something, clean the heatsink too. Same steps as CPU and GPU. Except don't reapply thermal compound. It's already on the CPU and GPU, If you reapplied it. Now just put everything back together! It should work fine. If it is your first time doing this; take pictures as you go along the way. It will help you put it back together. If you need more help, feel free to ask me. Keep this in mind: There is nothing wrong with a good google search. If this helped; let me know by Upvoting this.