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Aporte original por: Charles Fisher ,


Hi there, now as for your latest question. The answer is NO! It's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to test it with a voltmeter that you may already have. Do this instead, attach a wireless mouse and when it shows active then go ahead and enable the keyboard viewer via the system preference pane. From there you should be able to use the keyboard displayer screen and if everything works then you know for a fact that your keyboard connection is defective. The trackpad itself may also be defective as well, you should use your installation disk to run the "Utility hardware test" and let the machine find the problem for you. Chances are, you need to replace the trackpad alone provided that your keyboard cable has not been compromised in ANY way (nor has the keyboard itself been exposed to any type of a liquid spill). Do understand this, the answers you see are solely depended upon the accuracy of the problem being explained/reported.