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iPhone 5s stuck on black screen with Apple logo,can data be recovered?


Hi, I'm looking for answers and help. My iPhone 5s was lagging one day as the memory was quite full, so I decided to switch it off and restart my phone, however it was unable to turn on normally ever since and has been stuck on the black screen with Apple logo. May I know if this is repairable? Bearing in mind that I need the data from my phone as I didn't do a backup on iTunes or iCloud.

I have tried to update in iTunes but after running the update, the phone still doesn't start up normally. And the computer doesn't recognise the device when I plug it in.

I went to Kroll Ontrack in Singapore for data recovery but the person said that they can't do anything about my phone as it isn't even working. Is this even true?

What are my options to get my phone started up again? I'm hoping that there is someplace or someone who is able to repair what's wrong with my phone so that it can start up as per normal again then I can back up my pictures, contacts, WhatsApp messages inside. Please help!

Thank you!!


iPhone 5s