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Aporte original por: knarphnl ,


After a long thought a finally came up with an answer that really worked.  Not a short while solution or a solution that ordered for all sorts of non-HP accessories , glued of stocked in or on this apparatus.

So this is  my perfect solution to the painful problem of getting blank sheets of paper into the machine in order to make it print.

1 -Before I begin to print, I make sure that there is absolutely no paper on the paper tray.

2 -Next I put the machine on and go for a cup of coffee.

3 -By the time I finish my coffee, I know my printer is ready and able to walk to China and back to me.


4 -The moment I have decided what I want to print, I pull out one paper sheet from between my paperberg  and (pre) insert it into the machine to finally push it gently down to the back.

5 -Once I click on print with my right hand, the left waits for the transport to start and manually feed the paper sheet into the machine.

Delicate, Simple, trustworthy and no effort at all.

Thought you'd wanna know.