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Aporte original por: Luis Silva ,


Freezing and never-ending loop problem


Hey everyone,

I purchased a samsung galaxy s2 tab 8.0 about a couple of months ago. I used it for about 4 weeks, everything was working just fine, fell in love with the tablet and still do now, except for the part when the tablet started freezing and going on never-ending reboot loops in the middle of watching netflix or youtube. It started after the 4 weeks of usage and it hasn't stopped ever since. I've factory-reset, soft reset, changed email accounts, charged it to 100% while turned off, removed any sd cards in it, nothing works, the tablet freezes and starts rebooting on its own when performing power hungry tasks like gaming, video playback, and google chrome casting......but works just fine while surfing chrome and using basic apps that don't require media. I bought it with no insurance and the retailer i bought it from wont accept a return. Does anyone know what the problem could be? im rather tech savy, i've stripped smartphones apart and replaced parts, but i can't find samsung galaxy tab s2 series tear-downs or replacement part tutorials. Ive read a lot of similar issues online and done every suggestion out there without opening the tablet open and tinkering with the hardware inside.......yet

Please HELP ME!!!!!


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7