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Not sure what you are asking. The 5th Gen iPods were called iPod with video & the iPod Classic line started with the 6th Gen. If it’s a 5th Gen you need to format the drive correctly but if it’s a 6th Gen you need to check compatibility. 6th Gen are limited to 120GB (non-native drive I am assuming) according to info on (link below). If it is a 5th gen — not a classic & it’s not working I found this dated guide:

Fifth Generation can be upgraded beyond 160GB or even 240GB with a Tarkan iFlash SD adapter (single or dual ).

I purchased a used 5th Gen (~$40 on ebay) and  dual Tarkan SDXC card adapter ($80) & threw a 512GB SDXC ($200—Kingston listed on MacSales page purchased from B&H Photo) card  (left one slot free for now) in the iPod using the guide and after about 24 hour sync the 5th Gen iPod recognizes ~500GB. (formatting & software eats many GB). I plan to add a second 512GB card & do a fresh sync (I’ll have to do the entire sync since the logical volume size changes) that’ll probably take ~48 hours. The price tag so far is $320—or about the price of my 160GB 6th Gen which remains untouched.