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Aporte original por: John bayley ,


How to pull apart a touch ID connector


So I am replacing my iphone 6 screen. While disconnecting the touch id connector I ripped the cable it connects to that runs up the back of the shield plate .

SO now I have the touch id connector loose, but both sides of the connector still connected and the adhesive from the case getting involved .

I have a new shield plate on the way which will have  that side of the connector .

But I need to get the old connector apart and discard the old shield side sonnector.

So questions are ;

What can I clean off the adhesive with ?

Any tips on prying these things apart (I have every spudger, dental tool and tweezer money can buy) .

I am just aware that if I screw up that's 'see you later Touch ID'.

Any advice appreciated


iPhone 6