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Food for thought...I realize you have a 5S, but in the past with the 3Gs series iPhone the battery APN was important to match or the phone would not fully boot. This may be where you have people saying the APN must match on the 5s. I have not personally had issues with the 5s series batteries and crossing APN's (that being said, I have had issues with vendors selling crap batteries though).

I will also mention that with the 3Gs series the newer revisions (the higher number on last 4 digits of APN) was always backwards compatible to the older 3Gs logic board. Using an older revision battery on a board built for the newer batteries would usually caused boot issues though. The phone would attempt to boot, but hang on Apple logo and enter an endless reboot cycle.

So if history repeats, I would think if you have the 616-0728 battery it may likely be backwards compatible.

Hope this helps!