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Aporte original por: djrocari ,


Hola from Mexico City dear "originalmachead" & "Dan". English is my 2nd language so forgive my grammar.

Interesting topic. I have a Macbook Pro  Retina 15" launched by Apple at the end of 2013 with no option to add more RAM but with the option to expand it at the time of purchase to 16 GB in RAM.

As far I as know, the same RAM (1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory) is used on all Macbooks after this year until now, so, my question is amigos... can my 8GB of RAM can be de-soldered & re-soldered in order to upgrade to 16GB from RAM taken from a broken/sold4parts late Macbook?

And I say "broken/sold4parts Macbook" because according to "originalmachead" find new 16GB of new RAM is impossible and I quote "I don't even know where the type of RAM required is disclosed... there are no 3rd party components available"....  and I agree completely because I have looked for it thoroughly .

Thanks so much for your replies, cheers from Mexico City.

DJ Rocari