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Aporte original por: Andy Orth ,


I dont know of a guide for procedure but I've performed this repair numerous and would be happy to help with it.  First thing you want to  do is follow the ifixit tutorial to remove the back up. Once you've done that, disconnect the battery.  Then, remove every screw you see. Next, very carefully unclip the flex cables and take them out.  Next, remove the battery, motherboard, speakers, etc. The idea is that you all want to have left is the screen and the frame its glued to. Depending on my mood, sometimes I'll the SD card reader or a couple of the other glued down items on the frame. Next, You're going to want to heat up the front of the screen with a heat gun, iopener tool, whatever. I've even seen people set a Griddle to 180 degree and set the screen on it face down for 30 seconds to heat it up. No need to worrying about burning the LCD, its going to be replaced anyway because unlike previous Galaxy Tabs the S models feature LCDs that are fused with their digitizers, eliminating the possibility of a glass only repair. Anyway, once it's hot, you'll want to use a thin tool of some type (I prefer and iSesamo or iFixit opening tool) to work your way around the outside of the digitizer, inserting the tool under the glass to free it from the frame. There WILL be glass breakage during this step, be very careful. Keep in mind, the glass is held to the frame by a very sticky adhesive tape. It will make your life easier if you manage leave most of this tape on the frame while removing the glass instead of taking it with the glass. That  way you reuse it later. After you've seperated the frame, replace any missing tape on the frame with strong double sided tape. Ifixit sells the stuff. Then VERY carefully thread the new screen's flex cable through the slot in the frame and seat it in place. Be sure the home button is lined up properly before the screen is seated in the frame. Turn screen and frame over, reassemble device, enjoy.