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You need a soldering iron with a fine tip, some 1/16" heat shrink tubing, an utility knife, a wire stripper suitable for thin (28awg or thereabouts) wires, and a hot air gun or cigarette lighter.

Remove 3/4" of the outer sheath of the cable on both ends. If the cable has a wire shield, unbraid it and wrap the wires together to one side. If it has a foil shield, simply remove it but leave the drain wire (an uninsulated wire that contacts the shield for continuity) intact.

Strip 1/8" (not more!) of insulation off the lead wires at both ends. Tin the stripped ends with a small amount of solder. Put a 3/8" piece of heat shrink tubing on each lead wire at one end (preferably the end that came out longer if there is one).

Then proceed to solder the ends of the corresponding lead wires (they will almost certainly be color coded) together. Be careful not to heat the shrink tubing to much while you solder the wires, hold it well back from the solder joint until you're done. Having an extra pair of hands comes in handy in this type of job ;)

Once you soldered the wires, check if the connections are firm, then slide the shrink tubing over the joints and heat it with a hot air gun or a small flame (carefully) from a cigarette lighter. Then solder the shield or drain wires together.

Test if the scanner will work correctly, if it doesn't, inspect your work to see where you messed up ;)