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Aporte original por: Mike Fink ,


  I have repaired this metal frame successfully, but it is hard work, and I had to carefully weigh Time v Cost. Cost won, so I bought a new one from this very site. HOWEVER, when there were no time or cost constraints, and simply to DO it, I attempted the repair...

  J B Weld.....ummmm NO (I cleaned the metal with MEK, let it flash to air, waited the 5 minutes for the JB to be mixed. 24 hours later, I had made a mold (impression), but I did not repair this satisfactorily.   
  SuperGlue (3 kinds, all aircraft/model formulations) none worked.

  The only thing that actually put the metal frame back together firmly enough to support my battery (hanging) test was welding.

  I used a flea market aluminum "welding" rod with the "flux" they included with the kit...
cleaned it with a stainless wire brush (theirs') and heated the weighted and positioned ends so I could
"scrub" the aluminum rod onto the break.
 One big glob later. and a lot of luck, 
I filed and ground (Dremel) the glob down to merely huge, and it was used in a rebuild and remains "good-to-go"