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Aporte original por: E Joseph ,


I am assuming that when you charge your phone, absolutely nothing happens.  The charge LED doesn't light up, buttons are not responsive, soft or hard resets do not work at all.  Basically your phone seems like it is bricked (dead).  You need to check for a couple of things:

1. Take an old toothbrush and brush the charger contacts on your phone as well as the charger.  You may have accumulated gunk there that is preventing the phone from charging properly.  This is an unlikely fix.

2. Your charger port may be faulty and would need to be replaced.  That is one of the cheaper fixes (Amazon and other sites sell them for relatively cheap), if this is your actual problem.  There's a faint chance this will resolve the problem but try the proposed solutions in order.

3   If after changing the charger port the problem still persists, your battery may need to be replaced.  This option will likely fail, especially if the charger port replace did not work.  Hold off and try #4 (or have a professional do this for you).

4. The problem then lies in your motherboard, particularly the power supply chip.  I believe that there are 2 of them on the Note 3.  I ordered both the larger and small one (you will need magnifying glasses to do this by the way).  You will need a heat gun (or hot air station), the supply chip(s) (ordered from sites like or or or other similar sites).  You will also need anti-static or anti-magnetic tweezers, solder paste (not flux) and material to clean any residue.  Many sites will tell you how to do it but never give you the details you with respect to actual tools and materials. A word of caution about the heat gun if you are doing this on your own.  Make sure it is one with a very small opening as you are applying heat to a TINY, TINY area on the motherboard.  You may need to by a nozzle attachment.  I believe there are many sites that will show how to take the phone apart, just get the items mentioned or see a professional and see what the end result is.  Can't be worse than what you have now, which I assume is a dead phone. Please let me know how it goes.