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Aporte original por: amanda zheng ,


i have a similar problem, i spilt a glass of water on my macbook air about 2 weeks ago and the computer shut off immediately, i didn't know what to do so i dried it off as much as i could. i was pretty stupid for doing this but i turned it on to test if it would work, it booted up and  it worked! but it was slow and laggy. i shut it down, a few hours later i tried to turn it on again and it came up with a flashing question mark. The next day i booted it up again and it worked but was still laggy. it kept on going on and off like that for a while. Then one day when i tried to turn it on it wouldn't turn on and i panicked. but then the next day i plugged in the charger and it turned on. this time it wasn't laggy and good as new. when i was on it for about an hour i realized that the battery said 0% even though the charger was plugged in the whole time . i unplugged the charger and it immediately turned off. I realized now that i could only use the laptop when the charger is plugged in which was VERY inconvenient. i took it to the apple shop to repair it and they said that if there was water inside then they can't do anything to fix it, if it is dry they can fix it for $400, i am still waiting for the results. i dont know why its not charging and can somebody please help me! ( btw when i hover over the battery sign it says not charging but i can still use it at 0%)