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Aporte original por: Anyname ,


I would not think so. The driver for the graphics chip might not support a different screen that is not AMOLED for one. Adding that model screen, resolution, and all the changes of displayed video to be NOT a smaller resolution.  The programming is for a different resolution screen (S2), then that of the Tab A. That would be my first exploration, programming of the OS to see if the driver supports a different screen.

THEN you have ribbon compatability issues. Will that screen of the Tab A plug into the motherboard of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2?(via ribbon cable).  Again, I doubt it. 24 braided ribbon vs 18?? (For example).

THEN every app would need to be downloaded for the Tab A to support the resolution the Tab A screen is ( in the 'Tab S2'). Or add a line of programming get for each area to display X,Y,  UI ect.

Simply put Tab A OS into the S2? Then have to program for a different CPU? It goes both ways.

My answered is no, unless you have money to hire programming and manufacturing to adapt. :) if you had it, I would do it. Or buy another table to for the sake of the (hobby experiment).