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Not a MacBook user, but having a similar problem if anyone could help me...

I use an ASUS notebook laptop, running Win8.1 Pro, and currently, it is making a soft, yet annoying, clicking noise. The noise mostly occurs when the laptop is tilted up and down, and seeing as that rarely happens with me, it shouldn't be an issue however it is bugging me incredibly now.

The noise comes from, in my opinion, above the keypad and below the screen. The object doesn't sound big at all, nor heavy, and could easily be mistook for a speaker disk with it's dimensions and weight, but I know for sure that's not the case. Listening to what a few of you have said, I definitely feel at this point something is loose and that Battery damage is imminent.

My only explanation for as to what may have caused this is an accident which occurred around January 2016.

I had the laptop perched on the edge of my bath and sink, listening to Music as I dried my hair on it, when it slipped back. While the laptop was fairly dry, it was wet enough in the bottom to be noticeable. About 5cm of water, which the laptop fell from approx. 50cm into. The Laptop instantly went black, from the jolt, and I immediately ran in to plug it in to charge and get working. Before, the charger worked fine, however at that point the charger did not work and I could not turn it on. Whilst it was charging, it was still off.

About 3 days later, we tried again and got a slight reaction out of it. Then, out of the blue one morning it began to work again. The problem was, it died instantly when the battery got too low, to like 6%. As well, it would turn off immediately if you plugged it in to charge while still on it and working. Instead, you had to wait for it to be turned off first. Anyways, after some tinkering from a tech savvy friend, it was working again- slow at first, then gained speed and became pretty well working. I have it in this state now.

It started staying on while charging now, and my main problem is, as mentioned earlier, the ticking!

What do you think guys? I personally believe it knocked the battery out of position...