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From The Desk Of What Little I Know.

First of all for all other lap top brands, your OS on your HD is  Corrupted.

The most important thing you can do is  you can replace the Hard Drive.

You want to save all your precious files.

You all should have made your restore disks for each individual lap top

Now you have your new HD in the lap top, and you use your disks to format

that new one, all automatically while you follow the written instructions on

your screen.  You will have a factory new lap top, eact to the day you took it out of the boe.

If you don't have the restore disks. Phone your lap top support and tell them

you need them, and they will make them for you.

Remember you need to retrieve all of you stuff first as soon as you can.

Some of the HP restore options might not work.  Stop and replace the HD.

To go any further, you will erase the drive.

If it is erased now.  Sorry.  You might try EASE US software.

I wrote over my storage drive, 415 GB of precious stuff.  I got all of it back

in the original format it was in .  Some software will just give you RAW data back.

don't ever go there. Get "Ease US."

If you don't have an HP, then everything from here on is a Question Mark for

your answer.  Just replace the HD with a new one, and then hook up the old

one to your factory restored Lap Top as an External Storage drive.

If the original HD is not corrupted, it will run well and then you can  retrieve

all your precious things , photos, Mp3 and anything else you want.

The purpose of this note,  is to try to save all your files.

If none of these options can save them.  Stop. Turn off the Lap Top.

Take out the Hard Drive.  Replace it with a new one, Reboot it while

pressing F2 and then select boot order.  You want to boot from the disks you

should have made, or a USB.  If you didn't do that, you will have to order them

from HP.  Once you get this done, use your dads drive as a USB device.

Plug it into the lap top and save all the files.

Reboot While  pressing F11

You are going to need an empty external drive.  This is to save all your dads files.

Some of these Restore options might not work, so you need a separate USB or storage drive

to send all your files to.

What you are doing is to find a way to save all your Dads stuff he likes everything

he stored on the Lap Top.

When your lap top went into Diagnostic Repair, it did that to let you know the OS and OR the

Hard Drive is corrupted.  Diagnostic repair doesn't repair anything, it just lets you know

the OS is Corrupted.

After you find a way to get all of your dad's stuff saved to the external drive, then you must

Then press F2 on the next reboot.  You want to select one of the Tests for the HD.

Smart Test, and then the Short DST test.  If it passes your HD is good.

Sounds like to me, you need a new HD because it's over three to five years it's best to replace it.

You can Press F2 while the lap top is rebooting at any time.  It's diagnostics are separate

from the OS, and run well .

Select System Restore and choose a System Restore point.

If that won't work, then select Reset the PC without loosing your files option.

If that won't work, then select Reset PC.  You will be given a chance to save

your files.  You can choose between Automatic or select the ones you want.

If one docent work try the other. Remember you are just trying these options

to save all your dads files, photos, mp3 ect ect.

Then you Press F2 and test your dads HD