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Aporte original por: chrisjones2010 ,


i've had a problem installing the update and haven't even had the opportunity to fly mine around before it has problems.

but in the process of researching for ways to reset the drone so i can try the update again, i found in one of the user manuals that you can reset the drone via the app. swipe left to bring up the menu, then scroll down to settings and tap it. in there is all your drones setting, and if any of them can be reset there is an circular arrow in the top right hand corner that should do exactly that.

unfortunately this doesn't work for me as even though i attempted to install the update it hasn't registered as it being updated, resulting in it thinking  its already at its original setting, but i also cant re-install the update as obviously parts of the installation have worked and its picking up on the computer that there is a problem.

back to trying to find answers. if anyone knows a way around this you will be a legend in my eyes and your story of your heroicness will be passed down for generations to come ;p