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Aporte original por: Sid Phillips ,


The drive belt drives the rear axle and tires.  It runs from the front pulley to a pulley located over the rear axle.  You do not have to remove the deck.  Put the belt on the front pulley and run it above the mower deck, through the belt tensioners, and back to the rear  axle.  To access the rear pulley, remove the battery and the battery  holder so that  you can see the pulley from above.  Put the gear shift in neutral, or chock the front tires and jack up the rear axle so that the rear tires are off  the ground.  This will allow the rear pulley to turn freely.  Reach through the battery compartment to the pulley, get the new belt started onto the right front of the pulley (you may need to use a flat screwdriver to help ease the belt into the groove of the pulley), hold the belt tight to the pulley with your right hand, use both your right and left  hands to rotate the pulley in a clockwise direction.  The belt will come around and finally end up in the pulley groove.