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Aporte original por: Sam Cox ,


'''Fixed!!!'''  Upgraded iPad2 from iOS 4.33 to 9!  Enjoyed Barry's posts and spent a couple hours on the Chinese fix, but didn't push the right buttons -- it's in Chinese!

This iPad had the error 9's and was stuck in Connect to iTunes screen, but used Walter Stanz post re:  using iTunes itself to  restore to a different IPSW file that you've downloaded manually specifically for your model.  Didn't need anything off this iPad, so used the Shift-Restore combo on Windows to select my IPSW.  I'm not sure how the beta IPSW files get around the unsigned firmware issue Barry mentions -- maybe the beta IPSW are signed.  Anyway it worked.

Did not have to unbrick using reiboot or recboot or reboot or any of those.  Did not have to start in DFU mode.  Fix was relatively quick and painless once I got it sussed.  I rarely post anything, but after spending several hours on this one, I thought it might help someone to say that it can be done!!!