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Aporte original por: John ,


Xperia z3 : Unfortunately camera has stopped


After replacing my z3 screen ,  back camera  front camera and flash not working anymore.. Also flashlight toggle disappeared from home screen .. I think problem is related to flashlight . When I connect my back camera the phone heats up and battery drains by 1 % every 2 minutes ..But when back camera is removed battery drains by 1 % every 2 hours ..

I tried every thing from factory reset , repairing through sony pc companion , tried other camera apps , changed camera sensor etc .. I came into point there is some short near camera or problem is due to flash (As flash light is also not working and flash toggle has disappeard from home screen .

Also please note on diagonistic front camera shows up but  back camera doesnot shows up .. In camera app when clicked I get a message " Unfortunated camera has stopped " .

Can anyone genious help me find the solution ?


Sony Xperia Z3