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Aporte original por: Chad stoll ,


Broken Digitizer replacement question


Hey there...  So I am one of the MANY people that have a broken digitizer/lcd for the Galaxy tab s2.  (sm-t817v)

I have repaired EVERYTHING myself in my life and while researching the part for the tablet, I've noticed there's one other glalaxy tablet that has the same exact size and placement of the home key. (Samsung told me it would be 300 dollars...  And all my locals can't "find the part")

The galaxy tab A (T550 and the P550 model numbers)

From what I can see...  It looks like this digitizer will be completely the same!

I know with some different generations of iPads and phones...  the digitizer is interchangeable. (being able to buy cheaper parts for newer models.)

What I need help with and as much certainty as possible.....  Is.....

Can we (tab s2 users) buy the Tab A model digitizer replacement....  And use that screen on the tab s2?

If not or even if so...  A small description of why?

Thank you all!


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2