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Aporte original por: Brian Manuel ,


The valve is a solenoid , basically a coil of wire with a rod or actuator in this case.  The coil on the solenoid is cooked. That is how the valve works. If it is a new valve (solenoid valve) and is still not operating then the guy is right . The part of the board that controls the solenoid is cooked. An electronics tech worth his salt could repair it or you could be lucky and the board has a fuse cooked on it. ( usually 120v items are fused)  Does the water still run without the run on ? The actuator could be stuck as well , which is why the fuse blew and still doesn't work.  See what voltage if any is going to the valve?  I would guess it's something simple, but bad luck w a board is always possible . Keep posting I will keep an eye out for ya and let us know