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Aporte original por: Jeff ,


Most likely your timing belt has slipped or is broken.

I think those are to be replaced at 60,000 miles. You can remove the front cover easily for diagnosis.

The belts on the 90~94 are one piece and are easy to replace and can be done by one person without any special tools. Two people are preferable but I have done a few by myself. Just make sure you get everything lined back up correctly.

The new belt will have markings that line up with notches on the crank and on each cam. There is also an arrow showing the direction of spin. The markings will only line up if the belt is installed correctly

A new tensioner and bearings need to be installed as well, but I have done a few without doing this for a pinch fix. Just make sure the bearings spin without noise have no extensive play and the tensioner still has plenty of spring back and no play when fully extended. They really should be replaced though at the time of belt instillation as well as the front seal. If you have the funds, a water pump and oil pump rebuild is a great idea also while you have them exposed.

You will need to remove and compress the tensioner in a press or take it to a repair shop and have them press in shut for you and lock it with a pin or nail. Reinstall the tensioner, line up the cams with the notches on the block, align your crank to TDC, install new belt, and remove the pin or nail to expand but make doubly sure you have it all lined up correctly before pulling the pin. Replace the three piece cover and reinstall the alternator and air-conditioning belts.