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Aporte original por: Ron ,


Majesty, you have been so helpful and patient, and I appreciate it.  I finally resolved the problem!  Apparently, I had a couple of issues going on, and led myself down the wrong path with a logic board replacement.  I put the old logic board back in and confirmed I still could not install OSX 10.3....however, I now believe that is because the disks I bought were not the retail version that was advertised.  Then, with the borrowed iBook that has OSX 10.5 installed, I cloned from it to mine via Target Mode.  This time I let the clone finish to completion....before, I think I ended it before the verify was done, as I thought it was complete.  Lo and behold....both Mac iBooks now run flawlessly with OSX 10.5.

So, this has been a great learning experience for me with Macs.  I did not realize the difference between the install disks that originally come with a Mac and the Retail versions...and the impact they can have on installation.  Guess I was using too much Windows mentality.  Still find it interesting that you cannot use certain install disks to reinstall, but you can clone from the HD and all is well.

Again, thanks for staying with me on this.  The solution was much more simple than I is usually the case with computers!